Digital Displays
di-soric's extensive range of industrial sensors utilise photoelectric, capacitive, inductive and ultrasonic technologies providing solutions to many factory and industrial sensing applications. di-soric sensors have a world wide reputation for their quality fork, frame and ring light barriers together with their beam sensors.
di-soric products are designed and manufactured in Germany in accordance with the latest quality management systems. In addition to the standard sensors di-soric have the facility to design and manufacture special devices.
The product range includes:
- Through beam sensors
- Retro reflective sensors
- Diffuse reflective sensors
- Light curtains
- Laser through beam sensors
- Laser distance sensors
- Fibre-optic cables/-amplifiers
- Fork light barriers
- Frame light barriers
- Ring light barriers
- Colour detection sensors
- Proximity switches
- Inductive ring sensors
- Label sensors
- Ultrasonic sensors
- Level sensors