Digital Displays
Sony Multi axis display counters - 1, 2 and 3 axis inputs.
New LH70 (for mills and lathes)
New LH71 (programmable displays as LH70 with additional features
LG10 (low cost incremental series)
LH51/52 (Absolute & Incremental with additional milling and lathe features)
LH54-3 (for inspection application with dimensional calculations, RS232C interface)
LH61 (programmable display for milling operations, RS232C interface)
The LY series are dedicated displays for inspection and gauging applications with facility to add additional features:
- RS232C interface
- BCD parrallel output
- Comparator function with relay or signal outputs
- A/B quadrature output.
The display will interface with all of the Sony linear and gauging transducers.
LY51 (single axis with facility for expansion units)
LY52 (twin axis display with RS232C interface)
LT Panel displays have small panel dimensions, LCD display, 1 or 2 axes input with comparator functions and GO/NO GO signal outputs. RS232C and BCD options.
LT10 (for use with Sony DT probe, 5µm resolution)
LT11 (for use with Sony DT probe, 1µm resolution)
LT20 (for use with Sony DG/DL probes and SR scales)
The LT100 Multi axis display is designed for multi axis gauge application. This display is based on the LT20 functions which accept 10 axes input, 40 with a link to other units. RS232C and BCD options.