Digital Gauging Probes
The Sony Magnescale principle is used in the detection method for the DG series while "magneto-resistive" (MR) elements are used in the DT/DL/DK series. Both magnetic detection methods provide high precision digital signals and are resistant to dust, dirt, coolants and oil, thus providing a reliable measuring method even in the harshest condition.
Sony digital gauging probes are ideal for in-process measuring where the probes are incorporated into the machine and inspection line as well post-process measuring where the inspection measurement tasks are performed manually offline.
Sony MR digital gauging probes. DT/LT is a low cost digital system for use with Sony LT display or MT interface:
DT12N/P (5µm resolution)
DT512N/P (1µm resolution)
DT32N/NV/P/PV (5µm resolution)
DL310B/330B (10, 30mm travel, 10µm resolution)
DL10BR/30BR/60BR (10, 30, 60mm travel with reference mark, 5µm resolution)
Sony DG digital gauging probes using Magnescale technology - for connection to Sony display range, to 0.5µm resolution:
DG805/810 (Slim 8mm diameter body, 5 & 10mm travel)
DG10/25 (10 & 25mm travel)
DG50/100/155/205 (50 to 205mm travel)
Sony DG-M/E digital gauging for automation - DG series complete with integral interface providing A/B output for automated applications:
Sony DK high precision digital gauges – Slim body, resolution to 0.1mm providing A/B/Z line driver output:
Sony MG Series Multi-interface units - enable connection of up to 64 gauges with single serial interface:
MG Interfaces