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Manufacturer: Axis
Travel: 1m to 6m
Accuracy: +/- 100µm
Resolution: 10µm
Measuring system: Sony Digiruler
Output type: to display unit LG10 (standard), LH51, LY51 with RS232 (optional)

The Axis Lengthmate universal length measuring gauge is available in standard one metre lengths from one to six metres. Constructed from rigid mild steel sections, Lengthmate uses the Sony Digiruler tapescale system with either the LG10 or LH51 digital display unit as its linear measuring system. This provides a selectable resolution to 10Ám (0.01mm) and accuracy of ▒10Ám over the measuring distance.

Lengthmate can be supplied with an "A" frame mounting stand to provide an operator working height of 880 mm and is finished as standard in an Admiralty Grey hammer paint colour (though it can be painted other colours to your specification). The fixed end stop and measuring head (anvil width) is 100mm but can be extended to 125mm.

The Sony LG10 and LH51 display units are equipped with inch/metric conversion, reset/preset, linear error compensation, selectable display resolution and battery back-up of stored data (LH51 only). The LY51 display unit can be used with an RS232C input for use with a Sony P40 printer/analyser or connection into a PC for SPC use.

Lengthmate can be used to check the length of a wide variety of components including tube, lengths off square, panels, bar and other extruded components. Typical users are steel stockholders, aluminium metal finishers, automotive component suppliers and furniture manufacturers.

Depending on capacity the Lengthmate is supplied as a complete unit or assembled and calibrated on-site. Lengthmate has been supplied to many UK companies as well as to the USA.