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Manufacturer: Limtek
The Limtek LOS laser interferometer is used for dimensional metrology calibration, internal multi-axis measurement systems and high speed dynamic measurement and analysis. The Limtek laser interferometer is a PC based modular system that is easy to set-up and uses a new development in frequency stabilized laser light interference techniques to provide very precise measurements.
The Limtek LOS laser interferometer has distinct advantages over other interferometer systems. These are:
- the Limtek laser does not use any heating method which means that after switching on, the stabiization warm-up time is almost immediate and ready for use.
- compact laser tube design made from fused silica, guarantees the high beam stability of the interferometer and allows the laser beam to be used as a reference line for alternative method of straightness and squareness calibrations. This new method uses a calibrated CCD camera as a detector of the laser beam position as opposed to other interferometric methods using expensive optics.
The lightweight and small dimensions of the Limtek system makes it portable and ideal for numerous applications. The linear distance measurement software checks the positioning accuracy of machine tools and CMM's, by taking the user through alignment, measurement and evaluation procedures to national and international standards. Linear error compensation modules for CNC control systems and an automatic measurement mode saves time on machine tool calibration.
For other engineering applications, the system can be supplied with separate detector units to enable up to 4 simultaneous axes measurement using a single laser unit. This feature along with special miniature optics for X-Y positioning systems, makes the Limtek interferometer well worth considering for the highest in resolution and accuracy.
The Limtek interferometer specification includes; 1.25nm resolution at a velocity of 2 metres per second, a 500kHz sampling rate and a distance measurement up to 40 metres range (single axis) and 10 metres (multi-axes applications).
The Limtek laser interferometer measures:
- position
- velocity
- acceleration
- straightness
- squareness
- angles
- flatness
- parallelism
Where to us a Limtek laser interferometer:
- Machinery
- machine tool calibration
- calibration of CMM's
- calibration of measuring devices
- production quality control
- dimensional measuremet
- adjustment and alignment
- internal measurment system
- high accuracy machines
- lead screw verfication
- dynamic measurment
- Aircraft & Automobile Industry - measurment and checking of large dimensions
- Metrology & calibration Laboratories - in various applications as a length standard
- Microelectronic Industry - internal multi-axis system for high precision positioning
- testing of semiconductor wafers
- laser writing machines
- step and repeat cameras