Magnetic Linear Encoders
Sony Magnescale magnetic scales are robust and accurate and are ideally suited to machine tool as well as inspection applications.
For feedback applications:
SR33/34 (high accuracy Ultra-Magnescale for feedback)
SD608-RA (robust Magnescale with built-in detector)
For DRO and feedback applications with suitable Sony MD detector:
SR128 (for DRO or feed back applications, to 0.5µm resolution)
SR127 (high accuracy version of SR128)
SR118 (miniature linear scale to 360mm travel length)
SR721SP (open rod type scale for OEM applications)
MD10 (detector for SR scales open pcb)
MD20A (detector for SR scales, case model)
MD21 (detector for SR scales, 0.1µm resolution output)
For DRO applications only:
arrowSJ300 (new easy-install low cost Magnescale 1µm resolution)
arrowSJ700 (general DRO scale 5µm resolution)