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Manufacturer: Sony
Model: SL110 - PL20/25
Travel: 200mm to 2000mm
Accuracy: +/- (25+5L/1000) Ám
Resolution: 10µm (5µm with PL25/MJ100/110)
Reference points: Optional (see interface output below)
Measuring system: Magnetic (magneto-resistive)
Max response speed: 300m/min
Protection design grade: IP67 (excluding reading head connector)
Signal pitch: 5mm
Output cable (connector): Integrated with read head
Cable length: PL20B; 3,5,10,15,20,30m. PL25 extension; 1,3,5,10,15m
Output type: See interfaces below
Competitively priced linear encoder in aluminium extrusion with protective metal cover. The large head to scale mounting tolerance of 1.5mm simplifies installation. High response speed. High reliability in harsh operating environments. The SL110 is easy to install and is a cost effective scale system for large machine tools.
Compatible digital displays and interfaces:
Using Sony PL20 reading head:
Sony LG / LH series display unit
Sony LY51 display unit
Sony LY52 display unit
Using Sony PL25 reading head:
Sony MJ100 interface detector (20 - 1000 signal interpolation)
Sony MJ110 interface detector (20 - 1000 signal interpolation)