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Manufacturer: Sony
Model: SL130 - PL80
Travel: 200mm to 30000mm
Accuracy: +/- (25+5L/1000) Ám up to 7,000mm
Resolution: 10µm
Reference points: No
Measuring system: Magnetic (magneto-resistive)
Max response speed: 300m/min
Protection design grade: IP67 (excluding reading head connector)
Signal pitch: 5mm
Output cable (connector): Integrated with reading head and detector interface
Cable length: PL81/82; 3,5,7,10,15m
Output type: According to interface used (see below)
Competitively priced narrow section flexible linear encoder with protective metal cover which can be used to measure along flat and curved surfaces. Unique ability to accept up to 1.5mm misalignment with reading head. High response speed. High reliability in harsh operating environments. The SL130 is simply applied to a machine using the adhesive tape kit supplied. The PL80 Digiruler reading head is resistant against accumulating dirt or dust and is sealed to IP67 standard. SL130 is easy to install and is a cost effective scale system for large machine tool applications including layout, woodworking, punchpress and co-ordinate measuring (CMM) machines.
SL110/130 Digiruler position feedback:
The PL80 series is a head and detector unit combined for automated position control. The PL81 model provides A/B phase signal by open collect, the PL82 by differential line driver. Resolution is selectable from 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100µm. An LED indicates by colour change when the system is operating correctly or in alarm state.