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Manufacturer: Sony
Model: SL331 - PL60
Travel: 200mm to 8000mm
Accuracy: ±15 + 5L /1000Ám up to 8,000mm
Resolution: 5µm (2µm with MJ100/110)
Reference points: Optional (see interface output below)
Measuring system: Magnetic (magneto-resistive)
Max response speed: Varies with resolution
Protection design grade: IP67 (excluding reading head connector)
Signal pitch: 2mm
Output cable (connector): Integrated with PL60 reading head (mini - DIN). CE08 extension cables
Cable length: Integrated; 3 metres. CE08; 1,3,5,10,15m
Output type: Via interface (see below)
Competitively priced narrow section flexible linear encoder with protective metal cover which can be used to measure along flat and curved surfaces. High response speed. High reliability in harsh operating environments.
Compatible digital displays and interfaces:
Sony MJ100 interface detector (20 - 1000 signal interpolation)
Sony MJ110 interface detector (20 - 1000 signal interpolation)