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Manufacturer: Sony
Model: SL700/710/720/730 - PL101
Travel: 50mm to 3000mm (longer lengths available)
Accuracy: +/- 10Ám
Resolution: 1,2,5,20,25µm (using MJ620)
Reference points: SL700 (none), SL710 (one point), SL720 (multi-point 60mm), SL730 (distance coded)
Measuring system: Magnetic (magneto-resistive)
Max response speed: 6.4m/s with PL101
Protection design grade: IP50 (PL101-N/R), IP67 (PL101RH)
Signal pitch: 800µm
Output cable (connector): Integrated with read head (mini - DIN)
SL700 series datasheet
Competitively priced narrow section flexible linear encoders. Non contact scale system with 0.35mm head clearance. High reliability in harsh operating environments. Ideal for position feedback applications, CMM's, pick & place and surface mount technology. Produces analogue 1V p-p signals or via a MJ series interpolator A/B quadratures signals at 1Ám resolution.
Compatible interfaces:
MJ620 interpolator produces line driver (RS422), number of divisions 32 to 800 (corresponds 1µm to 25µm). Maximum response speed 6.4m/sec at 1µm resolution.