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We have been involved with digital position measuring equipment since 1971. We have experience of all commonly used measuring technologies and have learnt over the years about the many pitfalls and problems associated with high accuracy position measuring systems and the machines and equipment they are applied to.

We are here to help. We will guide you through the maze of measuring technologies and recommend the ideal equipment for your application. And if we can't find a commercially available product we have relationships with companies that will design and manufacture custom made encoders to suit your specific requirements.

If you would like more information on a particular product or service or have any questions regarding application or position measurement in general, we welcome your enquiry.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from our customers:

<Q> My linear encoder isn't giving me the accuracy I need. Is it faulty?

<A> The encoder accuracy is guaranteed by the manufacturer and unless it has been damaged mechanically, it is most probable that any accuracy errors are caused by the equipment the encoder is mounted to. Most errors are caused by problems with the slideway bearings. They may be worn, badly adjusted, misaligned or simply not up to the job. Whichever way, if the slideway isn't running true you will get noticeable errors in the measuring system. This is a complex subject. Please contact us for more information if you need it.


<Q> What is the difference between accuracy and resolution?

<A> Resolution has very little to do with accuracy. Consider your regular 12" ruler. Let's say it's divided into Inches and 10th's of Inches. The resolution, the finest division on the ruler, is one tenth of an Inch. But how accurate is it? If the graduations were spread over 12.5" instead of 12" the number of divisions (resolution) would remain the same but the accuracy would be 0.5" different from an absolute measurement of 12". If the accuracy of the ruler was stated as 12" +/- 0.5" then the ruler would be within specification. The same analogy applies to linear encoders and digital position readouts. If the accuracy isn't specified, don't be fooled into believing that resolution means the same thing.


<Q> Why do you offer so many different types of encoders?

<A> Because there are so many different applications. All the following factors affect the choice of encoder; environment, slideway alignment / runout, vibration, available mounting space, vulnerability, accuracy, output requirements, length of travel and (last but not least) cost.


<Q> Can you build a turnkey system for us?

<A> We have built several special gauges, fixtures and work stations which have been very successful but we decline larger projects preferring to recommend established specialist manufacturers. If you have a small scale project that you would like to discuss with us, we welcome your email.


<Q> Can you supply customised encoders?

<A> We have built up relationships with some excellent European manufacturers and already supplied custom designed encoders for OEM's. If you are looking for a special encoder please email us withyour exact requirements.


<Q> Can you supply an encoder on loan for us to evaluate?

<A> Yes we can, please contact us for details.