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Specification Sheets (PDF format)
Magnescale Digital Readout Brochure (5.9MB)
BL55 series (Laserscale Linear Scales)
BS76-NS/N (Laserscale Linear Scales)
BS78/BD95 (Laserscale Linear Scales)
BD15 (VME Detector Card)
BD60 (Detector Unit)
DT12N/P (MR Digital Gauging Probes)
DT512N/P (MR Digital Gauging Probes)
DT32N/NV/P/PV (MR Digital Gauging Probes)
DL310B, DL330B (MR Digital Gauging Probes)
DL10BR, DL30BR, DL60BR (MR Digital Gauging Probes)
DK series (MR Digital Gauging Probes)
DG805BL/FL, DG810B/BL/F/FL (DG Digital Gauging Probes)
DG10BP/BN, DG25BP/BN (DG Digital Gauging Probes)
DG50BP/BN, DG100BP/BN, DG155BP, DG205BP (DG Digital Gauging Probes)
DG-M/E series (Digital Gauging for automation)
MG series (Digital Gauge Interfaces)
LG10 series (Digital Displays)
LH51 & LH52 series (Digital Displays)
LH54-3 (Digital Displays)
LH61 (Digital Displays)
arrowLH70 & LH71 (Digital Displays)
LT10 (Digital Displays)
LT11 (Digital Displays)
LT20 (Digital Displays)
LT100 (Digital Displays)
LY51 & LY52 series (Digital Displays)
MD10 (Magnescale Interface Detector)
MD20A (Magnescale Interface Detector)
MD21 (Magnescale Interface Detector)
MD50 (Rolling Mill System)
MJ100 & MJ110 (Interpolator Units)
MJ500, MJ600 & MJ700 (Interpolator Units)
MJ820 & MJ821 (Interpolator Units)
MJ830 & MJ831 (Interpolator Units)
RS310 (Rotary Magnetic Encoder)
SD608-RA (Magnetic Feedback Scale)
SR33/34 (Magnetic Feedback Scale
SR128 / GB-A (Magnetic Scale)
SR127 (Magnetic Scale)
SR118 (Magnetic Scale)
SR721SP (Magnetic Scale)
arrowSJ300 (Magnetic Scale for DRO)
arrowSJ700 (Magnetic Scale for DRO)
SET K2 (Magneswitch & Magnesensor)
SET P15 (Magneswitch & Magnesensor)
SH10A (Optical Feedback Scale)
SH50 (Optical Feedback Scale)
SH11 (Optical Feedback Scale)
SH12 (Optical Feedback Scale)
SH52 (Optical Feedback Scale)
SA55 (Optical Feedback Scale)
SA57 (Optical Feedback Scale)
SL130 - PL20/25 (Digiruler Tapescale)
SL110 - PL20/25 (Digiruler Tapescale)
SL331 - PL60 (Digiruler Tapescale)
SL130 - PL80 (Digiruler Tapescale)
SL700/710/720/730 - PL101 (Digiruler Tapescale)
U12A (Digital Indicator)
U30A (Digital Indicator)
U60A (Digital Indicator)
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